Favre Gets Wish: What Will The Headlines Say About His Legacy Now?

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The drama of the Green Bay Brett Favre saga finally ended this morning as Favre was traded to the Jets. Rumors quickly circulated that Pennington would be released by the end of the day. Two quarterbacks may soon find themselves wanted by a franchise, but will Brett ultimately get what he wants and be happy?

The Packers found themselves so close to going back to the Super Bowl. As much as the organization had geared itself to a season without Brett, it's difficult to imagine a team so close to glory willing to wait for a young quarterback to take them there then give a legend one more shot at bringing his beloved franchise another title. Is it fair to keep Rodgers waiting? Yes, as long as the player ahead of him gives them the best chance to win a title.

Brett felt so deeply hurt that the damage was beyond repair. What were the Packers thinking? If they didn't believe Brett was better than Aaron then he wasn't worth the 1st Round Pick they were demanding or even worth thinking about if he landed in Minnesota. If Brett was better than Aaron then why not start him?

In the present the change of scenery may seem welcomed by Favre, but what will the future hold for the future hall of famer? Favre left the cozy NFC for a Jets team that must navigate its way past the Steelers, Jags, Chargers, Patriots, and Colts. No title is ever certain but the AFC bids an even greater challenge for a player approaching 40, getting to know new teammates and a new playbook, and getting the discount broadway tickets wicked timing down in the new offense.

What will Brett decide if he doesn't return to the Super Bowl or if the harsh New York critics turn the spotlight even brighter over his mistakes more so then the Green Bay media? Will Brett want to play next season or will the Favre Legacy seem less bright with a final year in New York as he prepares for Canton? There's no going back for Brett now.