Large Redskins Roster to Whittle Down

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The Redskins are in the enviable position of too many players to consider for the final 53-man roster. With just over 2 weeks before final cut, there could be 4 running backs, 6 wide receivers, 3 tight ends, and at least one fullback. Take your book of mormon rush tickets now.

For running backs, we have the fairly obvious keepers, Portis and Betts. Rock Cartwright, to the Sports Freak's dismay, will probably be the number 3. Marcus Mason is the potential fourth back. As a practice squad player last season, he grew his NFL skills. This season, especially after his showing in the two pre-season games, his time on the practice squad would not be long, as likely any of the other 31 teams would take him in the chance he becomes the next Ryan Grant.

I'm not even sure where to start with wide receivers. OK, maybe I do. Santana Moss, Antwan Randle-El are no-brainers. Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have to make it because of their high draft positions. In the seconds after learning of these two picks, I thought James Thrash was gone, but I now get the sneaking suspicion that he'll make the team. The real borderline player will be Anthony Mix. He contributed last season, but with two solid starters and a pair of great rookies, where does he fit in? If Thrash is gone, maybe. I see it hard for Zorn to keep all 6, but it's possible.

At tight end, I worried for Todd Yoder, also at the draft, after Fred Davis was drafted. With Cooley on the roster, and my limited knowledge of Davis, I thought Yoder was gone. But Davis is a catching TE. So the team will likely keep 3 on the team. Too bad, as I always want to have my fellow Terps in any professional sport, as Jason Goode won't make the cut.

Finally, at fullback, Mike Sellers is the man. Nehemiah Broughton is also currently on the team, after spending the 2007 season on IR. It's a question of whether the team wants to give Broughton the chance at the expense of yet another roster spot.

So 12 to 15 spots taken by receivers and backs? Interesting problem the Redskins have right now. Looks like these last couple of pre-season games will count, to some extent.