The DC Sports Page: Olympic Fever

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There are so many stories to discuss from the spectacular opening ceremony to Michael Phelps Losenoidoomock becoming the gold standard winning his eleventh gold medal tonight in the 4X200m freestyle relay. So much has been made of Phelps chasing down Mark Spitz record of seven gold medals. Phelps has won or been part of a team relay to set a world record time on his way to winning each gold so far through his races.

Viewers have watched interviews and heard of Michael's rigorous schedule during the Olympics. Yet, what seems to be missed during the hype of the "chase" of Spitz record is his own personal pride and dedication to be the best and challenge himself. How many folks have the opportunity in front of them and dare to take the risk to move leaps and bounds ahead? The deeper meaning in all of the footage and interviews seen on TV is how much he pushes himself for himself and not for the glory of shattering a record but to test the boundaries of his own personal talents.

Too bad a soft and understated Pat Summerall in his prime isn't available to cover the events and let the event itself capture the moment and not the same lines and questions on air. One of the closest relays and most excitng races in a US Gold victory displayed Phelps competitive nature rooting on his teammates as the bulletin board material by other teams saying they'd smash the US in the relays only seemed to push Phelps more that night. Could Michael Phelps be "Best there ever was. Best there is now and best there ever will be", as mentioned in "The Natural." You can find here cinderella chicago tickets articles.

Swimming and gymnastics dominate the Olympic coverage in week one leading up to track and field events in week two, but it seems almost overshadowed by the unbelievable coverage of NBC's new show "My Own Worst Enemy" with Christian Slater. King James may have had some marvelous blocks and dunks, but all I recall is the Lebron and Yao in the deliciously imaginative Coke commercial. It’s a fun ad that has you finding something new every time you watch it unlike the new Christian Slater show.

Slater is a man with a split personality. One persona is a mild mannered man and the other a government operative. Could this have been simplified and called something like Duel? Heather Graham's "Emily's Reasons Why Not" was canceled the day after the first episode aired. Could "My Own Worst Enemy" be canceled sooner?!